Preview 2022

Every year the RHA Executive Board puts on their traditional program called “Preview.” This program is an all day event which invites the third graders from the nearby Polk county elementary schools to see what life would be like in college for a day. Western students are allowed to participate as either a big buddy or a teacher for the day. What big buddies are meant for is mentoring the child through out the day, or being their “buddy.” They have one or two third graders that they stick with all day and participate in the activities with. This allows the kids to bond with someone older and go outside their bubbles a little bit. The teachers do exactly what it sounds like; in the afternoon three sets of classes are put on where the kids can participate in a wide selection of activities such as finger painting, music rhythm class or water education class. These classes can be meant to teach a simple lesson or just a way for kids to express their silly side.

There was a total of sixty kids or “little buddies” whom attended the program and there was around forty big buddies. As the kids arrived at eight in the morning they participated in some fun games of duck, duck, goose and some other camp songs. Then there was some physical education games followed by a scavenger hunt, lunch, classes and then a closing evaluation process. With this many kids in the room it was definitely a handful for the RHA executive board to handle but it was a very successful program put together over the course of several months. This day really lets the kids get a taste of college and hopefully allows them to want to further their education later on in life.

By Amanda Summers

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