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Amanda Summers
Amanda Summers
Amanda Summers

By David Marcus, WOU student

Living in the dorms for the first time is an invigorating experience. The memories you create and the friends you meet will last years after you graduate from college. Amanda Summer, financial director of Hall Government, has lived in the dorms her first two years of her time here at Western Oregon University. We got the chance to talk to her and have her tell of the wonderful time she has had living on -campus thus far.

What hall do you live in?
Spruce hall in Arbor Park”

What is your favorite aspect of living in your hall?
“In my hall I really like having my own room but still having roommates. It has a sense of privacy but then people are still around to build connections with.”

Where is your favorite place to hang out on campus? What do you like about it?
“I love hanging out in my office in the south sister annex because it’s a leadership lounge that a lot of my friends come to, but it’s also a space for work.”

What are your favorites on- campus activities?
“I like going to the school plays as well as any programs that are happening on campus by the hall governments or other organizations. Landers sets up their traditional activity called Landers pod golf and we got involved with many of the other organizations on campus such as the students Activities Board (SAB), Weekend Wolf Pack, and the other hall government activities.”

How is your experience been here on campus thus far?
“I really enjoy living on campus, it allows me the ability to live among friends without the stress of monthly bills and it gives me a better opportunity to be involved in activities and organizations on campus, as well as succeed in my classes. Living in the resident halls definitely helped me develop into a more mature self. I now am a heavily involved student leader, maturing quite greatly, and building my resume well. Living on campus keeps me focused on what I am here for, and that is to learn.”

What advice would you give incoming students who will be living on campus?
“The advice I would give is make as many connections with friends as possible cause your first year on campus is probably the most memorable and you need to take advantage of the ‘easy’ year.”

What about this campus separates itself from other campus’s you have visited over your time at WOU?
“WOU as a whole is a very welcoming and friendly campus, it’s small so that you can know its resources well and have a chance to really connect with the community around you. What I like most about this campus is the fact that it’s a 5 minute walk to anywhere on campus plus the class sizes are small so the teachers always learn your name.”

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