Summer swimming holes!

Now that Monmouth is starting to get relatively good heat and clear skies it’s time to bust out the sun tan lotion and the bathing suits! There are few great spots around here to swim of course and I’ll divulge the information as to there locations and how much it might cost!

Of course there is always the pool at the Health and Wellness center that you can partake in. If you are a student of western then you already have a membership and can get in for free, but if you don’t than it’s a six dollar day fee or you can purchase a membership pass.

There is also the Dallas Aquatic center which is smack dab in the middle of town at 1005 SE Lacreole Dr Dallas, OR 97338-1683 .  The cost to get into the pool for day is five bucks for an adult or 4 bucks for anyone under 17.  The aquatic center has an indoor and out door pool. It also has a rope swing and slide as well as many other interactive water activities.

For a free more nature inclined swimming area you can always go to the river in Rickreal, It is right next to the Polk county fairgrounds, so if you were turning into the drive way instead of going into the parking lot you would turn left onto the dirt/gravel road and follow that until the back parking lot. Then you have to follow the little trail to the right and through the forestry until you reach the river where you will find a shallow patch of calm water that is deep enough in the middle to have a rope swing to jump off of. (just don’t pencil dive)

Another lovely spot is in Salem, OR. If you go into town and are heading east on center, keep going until you hit 17th st then turn right and then a left on mission and another right on airport road where you are going towards panda express, Mcdonalds and Lowes. You will turn left onto the first street at the end of the parking lot and go into Cascade Gateway Park. There will be a lake and a bridge (go over the bridge) and there is a path on the left that you can follow which has mini trails all along the left side that lead you to many great spots to swim at.

Remember to be safe and have fun on these outings!

By Amanda Summers

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