Music is in the air! 15 Miles West and V!BE

Both groups on stage for the final bows
Did someone say A Capella?!!

15 Miles West and V!BE, Western’s A Capella groups put on a wonderful spring concert to showcase both of their successful years!

You could feel the singers’ happiness!

V!BE, the women’s group, showcased the many talents within the group and their talent as a whole from their first year singing together! Before this year Western only had a men’s a capella but now we get the best of both worlds! V!BE opened the concert with a stunning performance of covers by popular artists that got the crowd excited!

These men are multi-talented! Singing and dancing at the same time? I don’t think I could do that!

Next, the men took the stage to perform their award winning set of heartfelt songs!

The newest member of 15 Miles West got his own solo!

To wrap up the concert, 15 Miles West introduced their newest member to the public and performed another set of up-beat, feel-good songs!

Annie made the men work for her love!

These guys are amazing performers, besides being amazing vocalists, they got the audience involved in their performance by asking the audience if there were any birthdays. When they found their volunteer (victim?), they serenaded her on stage with a harmonized rendition of “Happy Birthday” and then a beautiful love song where all then men were fighting for her attention!


By the end of the concert, 15 Miles West had the crowd hooting with laughter at how well they play along with whatever happens while they play off each other trying to be funny!

By Gabrielle Boyle

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