Feeling dead during dead week? LET’S FIX IT

Well finals at Western Oregon University can always be a hassle for students. Especially if it’s dead week of spring term and the sun is out! All you want to do is bathe in the sun, go swimming and not have homework! Well one thing that Western loves to do is take care of their students! This dead week what happened was the Student Leadership and Activities committee put on a series of events to help lesson the stress of the students. The events that took place during the week were creative and wonderful for the students. There was dog petting station, yoga, free snacks in the library, drop in massages and WOUMANIA at the end of the week.

The dog petting station is exactly how it sounds and even better! There was just a small section of grass marked off  where students could come and go as they please and pet some different wonderful dogs that were owned by different faculty members. They brought different dogs through out the day to play and interact with so that students would never be bored.

Drop in massages let students really relax by letting go of all the stress in their bodies. Massages are a very expensive thing that a lot college students can not afford but really need in order to relax and release the stress they were holding through out their body.

Yoga on Thursday was held in the grove and was done during the sunshine to really enhance the greatness. Students could bring their own yoga pads or were allowed to borrow the ones provided. This let people relax and enjoy the calming physical activity.

Last but not least at all was the exciting WOUMANIA event. This was an exciting event where you could get play games and get tickets and win prizes, there was free food galore as well as a reptile room full of snakes, lizards, iguanas, turtles, and baby alligators. Then at the end of the night a wonderful comedian named Drew Lynch entertained the students of Western and really stole the night away.

Western takes really great care of its students and obviously this dead week pampering is just a week full of proof!

By Amanda Summers

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