Farewell, farewell

This has taken me a while to write. I keep starting, then stopping. Then I start again, and sit with my fingers over the keys wondering where to go next. The year of over. Or at least the important part of the year, at least to someone in college.


The year is over, and it has been an experience. I’m always surprised when I look back in time to notice how much has changed or how much I’ve learned. This year I lived with three other girls, survived without a meal plan, took the hardest classes yet, got a job, made new friends, remembered some old ones. But sitting here, typing on my laptop, it feels like I moved in last week. I suppose that’s just how things end—too quickly, with no chance to feel properly sad.


I’ve grown this year, and I’ve had the honor to watch the people around me grow as well. My roommates, my friends, even some of my classmates. I’m looking back at them all and realizing how amazing they all are, what things they have overcome and how much they’re come to mean to me. More and more I’ll starting to realize just how much this place means to me, too. The longer I’m here at WOU I realize how important choosing this school was to me and my future. While the choice was anything but exciting at the time, I know that when I toured here as a senior in high school that little feeling I got was the start of something great in my life.


Well, enough with the mushy stuff.


While I am ecstatic to return home for the summer, I can’t help but look at what the next year entails. Back at WOU in the fall I’ll be a senior, getting ready to graduate, working on an undergraduate thesis, and preparing to find that dream job I’ve been trying to find for about six years now. Who knows, maybe it’ll come to me in a dream.

By Bonnie Wells

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