Summer is hereeeee!

I cannot believe that the school year is over—Oh my gosh! I still remember how I struggled to get a job during fall term, how anxious I was to begin my graduate program, but overall, how excited I was to see what the school year would bring.  Now here I am, writing the last blog post for the 2012-2013 school year, how bittersweet.

Nonetheless, I am here to give all of you a kind of “wrap up” of what took place, as well as mentioning a few things I am hoping to accomplish during these next few summer months. So hop on for the ride!

First and foremost, I would like to say that I was extremely excited when I was given the opportunity to become a student blogger.  I mean, what more could I want from a job? I was given the freedom to write about whatever I wanted, have the opportunity to attend school events, and I even met a few people on the way! So I would like to thank everyone who made this blogger team possible, including Lisa and Denise. Thank you two!

Secondly, I want to mention that I am so thankful for being able to attend that numerous events on campus due to my job, some of which included visiting the Food Bank on campus, attending the showing of The Invisible War, having some fun doing a little bit of Irish dancing, and even playing some soccer! And although this next “event” took place near the end of the school year, I was extremely pumped when I was given the opportunity to be part of an interview, which was recorded and placed on our school website. I guess that makes me a little famous?!

As for summer, I have a “to-do” slash “bucket” list.  And right at the top of that list, it reads, “Make sure to dedicate a day to lying out, watching clouds, and enjoying yourself”.  I mean, we should all do this once in a while.  I know that from personal experience, it can be quite a stress reliever. So, pack on the sunscreen, and lay out a beach towel, pack some books, a music device, and maybe even some snacks, all while you enjoy yourself.

Next on the list reads, “eat watermelon until your stomach hurts”.  Now, I come from Eastern Oregon, near Hermiston to be exact, where watermelons are yummmmmy. Ask anyone!  And considering that I have lived near Hermiston for whole life (excluding these past couple of years that I have lived in Monmouth), I have been born and raised eating watermelon!  The only thing better is eating it nicely diced, with chili powder.

Furthermore, I have also made it a goal to visit the coast at least a few times this summer. Last summer I was back home, living with my parents, so I did not have the opportunity to enjoy summer on this side of the state. I especially want to visit Seaside, because as shocking as this may sound, I have never been there.

And lastly………

I must, need, have to work on my comprehensive exams for my Master’s degree. I don’t want to talk that much about this (because it’s a bit stressful and we only want happy thoughts for this post), so I will leave you with what I believe perfectly sums this portion of my lovely summer.

That’s it guys! I hope you have enjoyed my last post for the 2013-2014 school year. I hope you all enjoy your summer, be safe, and thank you to everyone who has supported this blog, as well as the overall blogger team!

By Antonia Rojas

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