Sweater Weather

ImageIt’s the time of year again where the temperature is dropping and the sweaters are coming out of hiding! If you’re an Oregonian you understand that “Sweater Weather” makes up around 7 months of the year– So cheers to our first month! Here you’ll find a guide to staying cozy, healthy, and not-so-vitamin-D-deficient this year.

Western’s campus is rich in deep orange hues this time of year, but besides the leaves on the trees, it can get pretty gloomy.The sun doesn’t often make an appearance until April rolls around, and that’s far too long to wait for warmth– Our resolution, throw on a sweater!




Still cold? This is the North West, so chances are that’s a “Yes”. Here we move on to step two. That wind that’s blowing, well it’s got a bite to it. Take that sweater you just put on, fold it up, and drop it back on the shelf. Now put on a thicker sweater. Things to consider: How thick is it? Does it cover any of your neck? Could you use it as a sleeping bag in the the summer time?  If you answered, “very thick”, to the first question, and “yes”, to the last two, then you should be done switching sweaters. If not, repeat the process until you have a thick, neck covering, sleeping bag quality sweater.

The next step in preparing for this chilly time of year is to ask yourself, “am I still cold?”. Not to jump the gun, but chances are it is still a “yes”. Here at Western Oregon University, we recommend a warm hug. You’ll find warmth in shared body heat on even the coldest of winter days.  (Tip: The stronger the love, the warmer the hug) And remember, it couldn’t hurt to have a sweater on for that bear hug. That’s something you can apply to most situations– It never hurts to have a sweater on. Image

If you’re still cold, which is very likely, you’ll have the opportunity to stop by Cafe Allegro, Western’s own coffee shop, for a hot drink. Cafe Allegro offers up a daily drink option, always fitting for the season, sometimes with hints of pumpkin and cinnamon! — Perfect to warm you up on a cold day!


Your frozen fingers will thank you for starting your day with a hot pumpkin latte. Now that you’ve got your latte, grab a scarf, and some wool socks, and maybe a blanket considering this place is downwind from The North Pole. It wouldn’t hurt to double up with a beanie or two either. In order to help you survive, we’ve provided an extensive checklist to help prepare yourself for the months ahead. Good luck, wolves! You were made for this kind of weather!





Checklist for reference:

  • Sweater
  • No, a thicker sweater
  • A warm hug (or two)
  • A cozy drink
  • A cozier scarf
  • Wool socks
  • A beanie or two
  • A blanket to curl up in after class

By Sara De Noyo


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