Miss Representation at Abby’s House!

Abby’s House is an amazing resource center right here on campus that strives to provide the WOU community with education and resources to promote equality and social justice and fight violence.

Miss Representation DetailsNext Wednesday, they’re doing a showing of “Miss Representation”. This documentary showcases the ways that the media misrepresents women-through sexualization and objectification-and analyzes our culture and who controls these messages. The importance of our media today is often overlooked, and this documentary forces you to look at your own habits, thoughts and ideas and how media bias has shaped these opinions.

A lack of women in leadership roles, as well as a lack of female opinions in our government have led to the false belief that the women’s rights movement is somehow over; and we’ve accomplished our goal. “Miss Representation” challenges this, with consistent evidence. (Did you know that only 34 women have ever served as Governor: compared to 2,319 men?)

The amazing team composed of writers, directors, actors, and other professionals puts together a strong look at our country and how television and the internet shape our idea of gender roles: not only female, but also male. It begs the question: “What can I do to help?”

If you’re interested in seeing this wonderful documentary, Abby’s House will be showing it November 13th in Room HSS 111 at 5pm, and it’s free!

Join them for a night that will leave you with discussion topics for days: and learn what you can do to help promote equality in our city, state, and country!

Not convinced? Check out the trailer! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6gkIiV6konY

By Quinn Murphy

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