What’s Your Green Dot?

What is Green Dot?


Green Dot Definition:

A green dot is any behavior, choice, word or attitude that promotes safety for everyone and communicates utter intolerance for sexual violence, partner violence and stalking.

Simply: Green Dot is your individual choice at any given moment to make our campus a safer place.

This statement is coming right off  the Green Dot page on Western Oregon Univeristy’s Website.  WhatisGDCTA




This is an organization that promotes safety for everyone by allowing people to intervene in certain situations. Whether it is by distracting, calling others for help, directly addressing or just taking the victim out of the situation all together. Being aware of situations and taking the initiative to intervene.




Green Dot recently did  a campaign to raise awareness on what Green Dot is and how students can be that one Green Dot among the Red Dots. Because if each of us decided to be a Green Dot than eventually all of the Red Dots will be so outnumbered they will not even have the opportunity to happen.

Green Dot is an organization that helps better the community of Western Oregon University. If you can take that promise to make a difference in your community then you could mean a world of difference to everyone here at Western.

So what’s your Green Dot?

By Amanda Summers

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