Chichester college students take trip of lifetime to USA

Chichester Observer
November 13th, 2013

STUDENTS from Chichester College have crossed the Atlantic to experience the trip of a lifetime.

The college has developed a partnership with Western Oregon University in Oregon in the USA to provide opportunities for students’ learning and sharing good practice.

As part of the project, four students from Chichester College went to experience life as a student of WOU .

Student president Georgina Reece has shared her experience with the Observer.

“When I first knew I was off to America, I had no idea what a dramatic and pronounced effect it would have on me.

“The whole culture and outlook was so unlike anything I had seen before and something which I never thought I could ever experience.

“We were there to experience the induction process, exactly how the students themselves would be taken into the WOU family.

“We stayed in the student accommodation to become completely submerged in this experience as this is a requirement of all the freshman students and I found their method of rallying everyone in a block together brilliant.

“This was to ensure that the compulsory sessions were attended and all were involved.

“There were seminars throughout the day and the selection which was provided was astounding.

“The huge seminars which were held in the sports hall were incredible.

“These sessions were compulsory for all 5,000 students to attend and boy did they attend and get involved.

“The active participation and enthusiasm from the guest speakers and staff was as infectious like wildfire throughout.

“These motivational speakers have no comparison due to the profound effect they had on every single individual in the room, no matter how many times they have seen it.

“I have never met such inspiring people in my life thus far and they are going to be so hard to beat.

“All of these sessions were so engaging and I found myself at the end of the lecture every time realizing an hour had passed without even the slightest lapse in concentration.

“Even the support given during the volleyball game I attended was incredible.

“The last thing I will say with complete certainty is that Western Oregon University is a family who is open and supportive to all.

“It provides the most magnificent service to both those who study and work there.

“Everything which I experienced while at WOU was much more than I could ever convey in writing.”

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