Trash’n Fashion Runway Show

Commencement 2015

What does sustainability mean to you?

This year the Residence Hall Association (RHA) Executive Board is putting on  fashion show made out of recycled material!

How is that possible you say?

Well with the help of the Associated Students of Western Oregon University  (ASWOU), and Green Team, they have contacted the hall governments to help make garments out of recycled materials. So everything you see on the runway will be made from things that would have otherwise been in the trash!Trashion Fashion Show

This program is taking place on Friday November 22nd  at 7 pm in the Columbia room in the Werner University Center (WUC) and is expected to have high turn out of people because this is an event all about sustainability and how Western is a part of making this world green!

At the event there will be a interactive presentation on what sustainability is and what we can do to make a difference in the world. Following that presentation will be a runway show of garments made out of recycled materials where the audience will get to see, then interact and then vote on their favorites. While the voting is taking place there will be another presentation on how Western itself is sustainable and what Green Team does as a group for the on campus community.


This program is meant to be an educational program on what sustainability is, how we can raise awareness of it and what we can do as a society to make the world a better place.

So come out and join RHA, ASWOU, and Green Team in presenting how sustainability can be a wonderful thing for the world as we see it!

By Amanda Summers

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