What’s the weather like around the world?!

Living in Monmouth, OR can be such a blessing sometimes! Our weather is pretty mild through out the entire year because of the cold coastal current that runs down from Alaska and Canada! But I was wondering what this time of year looks like all around the world.

So I contacted some close friends to take pictures and describe what their area’s look like around this time of year!!!

First up is Gourock, Scotland! Right now their weather is looking very similar to ours in the with the wind and the rain!

“Well I’m not sure what to say but really I love that I only had to walk to the end of my street to find a beautiful view and meet an interesting person that guaranteed for the most part will be friendly and lovely. This time of year especially the cold days and darker nights make for friendly conversation that brings people together”


The next place is Venice! Right now Venice is very hot and humid which is pretty much the opposite of what we are right now!



Next to look at is Tuscany! ┬áIt is also a very warm and humid place! But that doesn’t stop them from loving the holidays!

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With all these wonderful and diverse locations how can you not want to travel around the world?!

By Amanda Summers

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