Student Leadership Positions that PAY!

Have you been struggling this year financially? Are you wanting to be more involved at Western Oregon University? Well positions for next year are starting to be available!

Two applications that are currently available are the Resident Assistant positions through housing and the National Communications Coordinator In-Training (NCC-IT) position through the Residence Hall Association (RHA) Executive Board.

The Resident Assistant position applications are due Friday January 10th by five pm to the Office of University Housing located on the first floor of Ackerman Hall. This is a position for students who really want to be apart of community life in the residence halls. You would be assigned a hall in one of the five residence halls where you would be the assistant to all the residents living in that particular hall. This position pays for your housing and your meal plan for the entirety of the academic year with an extra small stipend each month. Students who apply for this position will be heavily involved in the on campus life and be programming for their residents all year! If you have any questions feel free to email Patrick Moser at


The NCC-IT position is a position on the RHA Executive Board that is uncompensated but trains you for a paid position for the following academic year. So a student would hold the NCC-IT position for this year and then take the position of NCC the following academic year.This position programs for on-campus students for the entirety of the academic year. This position also coordinates conferences that the RHA Executive Board attends through out the year. The position one will be training for will pay for 2/3rds of one’s housing plus a healthy stipend each month. The applications for this position are due January 10th by 5pm in the South Sister Annex located at the bottom of the ramp by valsetz. If you have any questions feel free to email Amanda Summers at with any questions you may have.

Other leadership positions that will be available later in the year are Associated Students of Western Oregon University (ASWOU) as well as PLUS Team, Peer Mentor and of course the RHA Executive Board elections in the spring. These are all payed leadership positions available here on campus that you should look into!

So if you are just thinking about what to do next year you should consider all of these wonderful options!

By Amanda Summers

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