New Years Resolutions: Waiting For The Perfect Opportunity

With every new year comes swarms of people committing to changing their lives for the better, whether it be to eat right, or to work out more, or to be less jealous, or to excel in your job and skyrocket to that promotion– the one thing all these people have in common is that they spent 365 days waiting to “resolve”. That sounds a little bit silly, doesn’t it? Each year your are given 365 sets of 24 hours, you spend less than half of that sleeping, that’s more than 5000 spare hours to think and make magic happen, and yet we all wait until the new year to make a change. When you ask one of these, let’s call them, resolutioners– “Why do you wait until the new year?” They’ll tell you that it’s a fresh start, they wait for the next year because they can start with a clean slate, they feel it is their opportunity to make a change. Here’s what I say to that though– life is what you make it. You create your own opportunities.1529990_10200562974271959_1114739035_o

There will never be a point in your life that is the right time to do a great thing. That perfect timing is not going to happen, you have to create that perfect time, and the perfect opportunity. When you spend that 365 days over and over again waiting for a week that feels like the right time, you are wasting your life. You are committing to a life of waiting, one where you are not creating, or learning, and you end up cheating yourself of achieving your goals a year sooner.  If it were easy, everybody would do it– but it’s not. Every day you are losing time to be great, and to leave your mark on the world, no time is better than right now to recreate your life. 1522981_10200562977392037_1628346308_o So get up (get off this blog), get your blood moving, do something that makes your heart pound, do yoga, spend more time outside, turn off your phone and engage your mind. Wake up at 7 a.m. when you don’t need to. Puke, puke until your stomach’s nothing but eraser marks from where you screamed out the contents of ten years worth of journals. When they ask you why you’re never there, tell them you’re never there because you’re living your life, and it’s a difficult thing to do between a set a walls. . Listen when they tell you there’s bad news, listen when your gut grows palms and starts beating its fists on the inside of your stomach. You are right to feel the way you do. You were always right to and you always will be. Years of being frightened is scarier than anything you could ever be afraid of. Learn how to take your makeup off, and to be drunk on life on the weekends. Do not tell anybody you love them when you don’t. Do not roll your eyes, do not silence yourself when you think the words “I love you.” Say them, yell them, let them fall into a tangled mess on your lap like any other seed and watch them bloom in early April— trust yourself. Anyone who will drive an hour to kiss you on the forehead is a rare gem, trust them.388692_2137641295723_1073526692_n If you feel an aching to get up and leave, do it, tear the map from your walls and wander. Share what you know, tell the world. Grow up, but don’t get old. 
Now is the time to create the rest of your life.

By Sara De Noyo

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