Study Abroad Office… Where dreams come true!!!

The study abroad office is located in the APSC building room 501. This office is filled with great resources to get you started on your study abroad adventure!

The first thing to get you started with your study abroad experience is the decision as to where you want to go and looking into programs that you are interested in. The study abroad page has tons of programs and exchanges listed for countries from England, to Germany, to Australia! So you have to decided where you want to go! Once you’ve done that you can go to one of the weekly group advising sessions which are Wednesdays at noon in ASPC 301. You are mandated to go to one of these sessions before you can start applying for any programs.

The director of the study abroad office is Alaric Trousdale who can be contacted at for all of your inquiries or questions! I have personally met him and he is so passionate about his position and helping students achieve their dreams. I went into the office to ask a simple questions and we ended up having a 40 minutes conversation about history and studying abroad! He calmed my nerves with my study abroad process and he was very helpful in general! I feel like I could walk in anytime and just strike up a conversation with him at anytime!

So if you are thinking about studying abroad make sure you really think about it! It’s a huge commitment that will be completely worth it because your college years are the best time to go travel, nothing holding you here, no job commitment or burdens keeping you from exploring the world! The study abroad office is one of the best resources we have at Western and we need to make sure and use it!

By Amanda Summers

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