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Milestones Family Recovery Inc. is a residential alcohol and drug treatment center for women in Corvallis, Oregon. This program serves both women who are and are not parenting and has the option for women to be placed in the program with their young children. The possibility of being able to receive treatment without being separated from your children can be a catalyst to making the important decision to participate in treatment.


Women admitted to Milestones are struggling with drug and alcohol addiction and many are at risk of losing custody of their children to the state if they have not already done so. This is one of thousands of non-profit, non-governmental organizations throughout the country offering this type of service. Milestones, provides counseling, life skills, recovery services and provides education and treatment classes such as relapse prevention, parenting, anger management, and healthy relationships.


Unfortunately, many of these facilities are underfunded. State agencies and insurance companies generally pay for treatment services, but these women don’t always have the money for simple items such as shampoo, conditioner, body wash and feminine hygiene products. Part of building a healthy life style is physical health including being able to keep yourself and your children clean. Part of getting healthy is also having a good self-esteem, which is affected by how you feel you look.

            I’m doing a community service project where I am trying to collect items for this important organization. The idea is that traveling sports teams will gather items from hotels when they are out of town. The items will be intermittently collected and delivered as a donation to Milestones. I believe that these facilities are extremely important and serve a purpose that is highly needed by our country today. Far too many people are battling addictions, and far too few are receiving the help needed especially while still being able to care for their children. Although the original idea for this project was to focus on traveling sports teams, I have had little success and am now reaching out to anybody willing and able to help. If you or somebody you know would be interested in donating you can contact me at

By Devin Lowrey

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