A daring odyssey: Why I left Hawaii

Oahu Beach


Oahu Coast


Many who have grown up on the mainland are surprised by the fact that I chose to move to Salem, Oregon from Honolulu, Hawaii.  Although it may seem like a strange desire for a woman in her mid twenties to move from an island paradise in the middle of the Pacific Ocean to the foul-weather of the Pacific Northwest, it was a decision that has left me exhilarated.

Oregon Coast

Oregon Coast

While I realize I am very fortunate to have grown up in Hawaii, I was restless and yearned to get out and see more of the world.  I had traveled a fair amount before the move but I had never lived anywhere besides Oahu.  The things that were part of my everyday life: sunshine, beaches, surf, were all amazing, but I wanted to experience something new.


(there are NO squirrels in Hawaii!)

The ocean is now an hour away.  The sun allegedly stays behind the clouds 300 days out of the year.  Why would someone wish to move from perpetual sunshine to the driving rain?  Confronting the hardships of life now drives me more than ever.  Choosing to get off the beach and get back in the classroom may sound like a difficult choice to make.  But now it is the promise of the future that I hold in my dreams that drives me into the proverbial storm.  I have lounged in the sun; and it was good.  But it leaves a person feeling lethargic and makes goals seem like they can wait until tomorrow.  I say “set sail from comforts of the harbor, ride the billows of uncertainty and fear, and never return, until the sunset you have been sailing towards your entire life, forever rests within your own heart, eternally”.

WOU Fall

My first Fall at WOU


Seeing snow fall for the first time

By Tia Jay

2 comments on “A daring odyssey: Why I left Hawaii”

  1. The chance to see something different and experience something new is always exhilarating. Good for you for taking the plunge and seeing what else is out there. Home will always be home, so if you decide after a bit that you want to return, you can do that. But the world is out there for you to explore so keep doing just that! Love the pics by the way!

  2. From the day that Tia stepped into this world, she has been an intelligent, resourceful, independent being. She is loved by many in Hawaii, but they all stand behind her decision to spread her wings. (Literally). Fly high my dear daughter. Let there be no limits to your sky. Know that we love you and support you in whatever path you take. You are a beautiful daughter of God, and I know that you have been blessed with many talents. Use them to their ultimate degree.

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