Who’s ready for the real world?!?!

When transitioning from High School to College one of the first things I thought was… “High School did not prepare me at ALL for this”

So I ran that same thought through my mind right now. I’m a junior here at Western and getting fairly close to entering the real world. So I thought it would be fun to see just how prepared the students of Western are for the “real” world.

I surveyed 50 random people and asked them some questions!

Question one:

On a scale of one to ten how confident are you in your financial knowledge?

35 of the respondents said they were a 5 or a 6 while the remaining 15 were split between 8 and an astounding 3!

This tells me that obviously our education system needs to teach us how to financially survive in this world! I didn’t even know what can effect my credit until this past year! Now of course I’m only one person but the fact that I had to learn how to financially survive all on my own is a very unfortunate fact! We should be learning how to write a check, what interests rates are, how to apply for a credit card, anything really!

Question two:

How confident are you in your skills that you are a good interview?

unfortunately only ten out of the fifty were confident in anyway that they were a good interview and nail any job they come face to face with. This tells me that people aren’t getting the job experience they need or the opportunities to grow their skills within an interview! College needs to definitely do that. We can gain all the knowledge we want buts its not useful if we can’t demonstrate those skills in an interview.

Final Question:

Are you ready for the “real” world?

Now on a brighter note everyone answered “yes” in some capacity. I think to myself everyday how different that life will be and I feel confident that I’ll make it through and that could be because I have not been in the “real” world as an adult yet but it seems that each of these people I interviewed was confident with some aspect of their life and that’s all that was important to them.

So our University could definitely step up its game but it’s so great to see the hope and excitement for the future in the eyes of our students!

By Amanda Summers

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