Rave’s in Portland?! Let’s think smart!

Elani Elkins

Well instead of having a romantic valentines day like a normal person I chose to attend a rave in Portland that evening. It was a very mind opening experience considering I had never been to one before!

I learned there is some crazy outfits people are willing to wear like this:il_570xN.483233105_6d6l









I of course was dressed a tad bit more conservatively but still had just as much fun! The intimidating part of the whole event besides being in Portland and not knowing the town was the security and seriousness of the rave event. You could not bring in your own glow sticks, of course no drugs or alcohol was allowed on the premises and I saw a handful of people being kicked out for one reason or another.

So being a rave baby, I had no idea what to expect from evenings festivities which made me consider some precautions while I was out and about. I made sure that I knew where at lease one person in my group was at all times and I didn’t let them out of my site if I didn’t have to. I also made sure to keep track of the streets I was on and I definitely didn’t talk to any strangers that gave me a weird vibe, your instincts can be the best warning sign that you might be in a harmful situation so I made sure to be very in tune with my senses.

Going out in a city you do not know well can be very fun and exciting but you have to make sure you feel in control of the situation because the second you don’t is when things can become out of hand.

So always be safe when you’re out and about in the world!

By Amanda Summers

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