The Vagina Monologues

1795540_10202050716441705_1085419156_nWhen people hear the word ‘vagina’ they tend to shy away. It is as if it has become a “bad word” that people are scared to say, but discretely want to lean in and eaves drop when they hear someone else say. People chuckle and blush when they hear it but for many others and for me, this seems ridiculous. Eve Ensler felt extremely strongly about this dynamic and decided she needed to try to make a change. Ensler did something that was completely unheard of. She went around the world and did vagina interviews! Yes, you read it right, I said VAGINA INTERVIEWS. She talked to hundreds of women about their vaginas. She heard good stories, bad stories, happy stories, sad stories and everything in between. But just talking to these women wasn’t enough of the difference she wanted to make; something more radical than this was needed, so she publicized these interviews. She took many of these stories, some she left individual and others she combined to make a point, and then she formatted them as monologues, gathered some “vagina facts” and turned it into a play. Now, during a certain time of year, every year, this play is put on all over the world! All levels do it from students to professionals to community members. Western Oregon puts it on every year, and, fortunately, it is that time of year again. February 20th, 21st and 22nd at 7:00pm Abby’s House will be putting on our own production of the Vagina Monologues in the Pacific Room in the Werner University Center. This is an extremely powerful production about equality, justice, trauma, beauty, realization, sex, and vaginas. When many people see just the title, they assume it’s just something for women. This is wrong. It is for everyone, any gender, sex, race, students, professors, friends, family, etc. The only people I would discourage from attending would be children; it is very adult and mature content and language. The Vagina Monologues was developed to show everyone how important it is to be who you are. It was made to push the ideas of justice and equality by entertaining you, making you laugh, making you cry, and taking you outside of your comfort zone. Everybody should do everything they can to make the time to come the Vagina Monologues this week at Western Oregon University.

By Devin Lowrey

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