Cinderella likes to cut loose!

As we have all experienced Western Oregon University is a school that requires all of their first years to live on campus. This mandated living situation can be unwelcome to a fair amount of students but the positives that come out of the experience is well worth it. One of these positives is the annual Cinderella Ball Traditional presented by the Heritage hall government. This year the theme of the ball is “Foot loose” based on the awesome 80’s movie with the iconic song that we all sing about eight words in the chorus to.unnamed

“Cut loose, foot loose, kick off your Sunday shoes!” …. you get the picture. ——>








This lovely group here is the Heritage Hall Government as of the beginning of this year. (Photo courtesy of the Residence Hall Association Executive Board) This wonderful group have been working their tails off to create the well known Cinderella Ball traditional and has brought it to us earlier in the year then ever before!

Typically the ball is held in the Grand Hotel Ballroom in Salem, OR but this year the Heritage hall government has changed things up and moved the location to Green Villa Barn & Garden in Independence, OR. I have attended the ball for the past two years since I have been a student here at Western and have always loved this event. I am excited to see how the new atmosphere will effect the crowd and presentation of the event.

If you are wanting to attend this event it happening this Saturday February 22nd at 8pm and tickets are available in the Werner University Center as well as the Valsetz Alcove. Pre-sale tickets cost eight dollars for a single ticket or 10 dollars for a couples ticket. Then at the door a single ticket is 10 dollars and a couples ticket is 15 dollars. This event is well worth the cost and has always been a “ball” of fun to go to! In the past there has been photo booths and mocktails that are coordinated through the Peer Mentor group here on campus, but what I always look forward to is the chocolate fountain and delicious food that you can enjoy through the entire evening!

If all that isn’t enough here is some photo’s from past Cinderella Ball’s:

Group from Landers that attended the 2011-12 Cinderella Ball
Group from Landers that attended the 2011-12 Cinderella Ball
Residence Hall Association Executive Board that attended the 2012-13 Cinderella Ball

so if I haven’t sold you on this night full of fairy tale fun then I do not know what more I can do for you people!

By Amanda Summers

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