Cinderella has some followers!

Now assuming that you all attended the Cinderella Ball, I should not have to tell you how wonderful it was. This year the ball was held in the Green Villa Barn off of the Independence highway and boy was it amazing! The middle of nowhere atmosphere and the hidden wonders that were inside the barn really captivated the essence of the movie “Footloose.”1781084_644775558929552_423131676_o

You walked right in to the open space and could just see all the room to dance the strung lights from the ceiling and the amazing food and mocktails that were being served. Heritage hall government really put in the time and effort for their traditional, which I would say turned out to be a huge hit!


As I have stated many times already, this was Heritage hall government’s traditional that they put on every year and it is just one of the many traditional’s that are put on each year. Each Hall government puts on a huge event for the on campus students to participate in, it can be anything from WOUstock or a carnival or even a mini golf tournament.¬†1618334_644775605596214_390192984_o





As far as we know right now Barnum and Butler are doing a “Wou-Con” type event so it is like a comic-con type event and they have not entirely figured out all the logistics but I imagine costumes and super hero’s will be involved!¬†Ackerman is doing WOUstock again this year which should be a giant hit and Landers is doing a giant fair for all on campus students to enjoy!

So you see, all of the hall governments have some great events planned for you in the future and you better look out for the fliers!

By Amanda Summers

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