Western students create logos for new arts center

Polk County Itemizer-Observer
By Emily Mentzer
March 4th, 2014


MONMOUTH — Adam Fyffe walked around a room at MaMere’s Bed and Breakfast looking at submissions for Ash Creek Arts Center’s new logo.

The Western Oregon University senior in visual communications design was a student in Jen Bracy’s graphic design: form and communication course. He and 12 of his classmates got some real-world experience by designing a potential logo for the arts center.

Now the 13 designs are on display at MaMere’s for the public to have a say on which one the center will choose.

Fyffe started with a map of the two cities, Monmouth and Independence combined, for his design. As the design was refined, the map became more abstract.

“It takes a lot of prep work, working with the client,” Fyffe said. “We only got to talk to him (Ash Creek Arts Center director Robert Tomlinson) once, but the teacher was in contact with him.”

The logos are displayed with two panels. The top panel shows the exploratory work students did to reach the final submitted logo, Tomlinson said.

He had two favorites, but would not disclose them, instead urging others to vote for their favorites.

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 10.23.35 AMThe logo will be chosen by the Ash Creek Arts Center board, but community input will be considered, Tomlinson said.

When it came time for Jimmy Wilder, a WOU senior in visual communication design, to pick a favorite, he said his was not the one he chose.

“I wish we could have submitted two or three,” he added.

Fyffe agreed that narrowing it down was a hard part of the process.

“Narrowing it down is like picking your favorite kid,” Wilder said.

Margaret Tomlinson enjoyed being able to see the process students went through to reach the final product.

“It takes time,” said Clarissa Maciel, a WOU senior in business marketing who is minoring in visual communication design.

Students had four weeks to complete the project. Whoever is chosen will have potential opportunity to add to his or her portfolio, and maybe have a chance to work further with the arts center, creating more projects, Maciel said.

Take a Look

• The logo candidates will be on display through Saturday at MaMere’s Bed and Breakfast, 212 Knox St. N., Monmouth. The public may vote on their favorite two logos, which will be considered as the Ash Creek Arts Center board of directors chooses the design. The Ash Creek Arts Center serves both Monmouth and Independence. For more information: Robert Tomlinson, 509-607-2855; send an email to artist.rt@gmail.com.





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