Spring Cleaning!

Western Oregon University

Spring break is nearly upon us, and we all have some spring cleaning to do.

So whip out your metaphorical (and literal) vacuums and garbage bags.

Some actual spring cleaning won’t hurt anyone.

2. Trust me, there is some disgusting stuff in your room. Remember that time you were eating popcorn and the bag fell over and you told yourself “oh I’ll get it later”? Now is later. My suggestion is just to move all your drawers, dressers and boxes. Take a vacuum to the affected area and organize it all back into place. You’ll sleep better at night knowing that underneath you lies a stack of books and not a stack of old pizza boxes.

2. When was the last time you used your Windex? That build up of dust is only going to make you sick, and you might be surprised what missing pieces of homework you find when you clear off your desk.

3. Analyze your kitchen cabinets. Or, if you live on campus, your drawers. Washing dishes and putting them back in a filthy, dusty, drawer or cabinet defeats the purpose. Paper towels are your friend. While you’re at it, consider wiping down your fridge and microwave as well.

Now that your inside world is clean, let’s move on to your outside world.

1. Sunscreen is a must. If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably spent most of your life thinking “well I’ve never gotten a sunburn, so why bother?” but you can still damage your skin, even long term, if you don’t protect it from harmful rays. Even if you’re going for a golden tan, you can get it without subjecting your skin to harmful rays. So go buy some sunscreen, a new pair of sunglasses, and lather it on before you spend your days sitting in the sun.

2. Consider nixing your tanning time for biking time or walking time. We live in a gorgeous place for hiking, biking, and walking, so take advantage of it. Albany has some great trails with beautiful views, and a small town like Monmouth is the perfect place for a bike ride. Get some exercise in while you’re soaking up the sun.

Spring break is over, and now it’s time to switch gears back into academics…

1. Classes start March 31st, so don’t forget to buy your textbooks and make sure you know where and when your classes are.

2. If you’re still on a waitlist for one of your classes, consider looking for different courses or going to the first day of class to see if the professor is willing to sign a blue card for you to enter the class.

3. Graduating next spring? Remember to meet with your advisor and fill out an Academic Career Plan (which you can find here) as well as an Application for Graduation (found here).

Enjoy the break, be safe, and have some fun in the sun!

By Quinn Murphy

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  1. For me, spring cleaning is a must! The sun is shining and the germs are running around like crazy because of the warmer weather.After a happy spring break, it’s good to get yourself back together and get in order your living space too. It will be better for your health and your state of mind. Sleeping in clean sheets and clean environment will definitely give you power and motivation for more important tasks.

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