Spring From Thy Beds!

WOU Spring

I have now experienced three seasons since my move from Hawaii.  All of them have been very exciting for me, but the last one is the season I am least familiar with.  Hawaii was a state of perpetual summer, so there were no real surprises when I moved out here in August.  Autumn was new and exciting to a certain extent, but I did visit my boyfriend’s New England childhood home last fall when we attended his sister’s wedding in October.  Winter was just spectacular, but Hollywood spoiled the surprise with virtually every Christmas movie ever made.  Although I had never experienced it first hand, I had a vague idea of what to expect.  “But what exactly will spring be like?” I would often ask my boyfriend.  “Is it just like summer only colder?”

“You’ll just have to wait and see.” came the boring reply.

WOU Spring

So what is Spring?  With the end of finals in sight, Spring has me feeling ready for a fresh start.  It is uncharted water.  It is the reawakening of the planet.  I learned that things don’t really die in winter, they merely fall asleep for a while.  Spring conjures up images of an earthly alarm clock whose lively sound is more atuned to the chirping of the birds than to the incessant nagging of a bedside clock.  Instead of hitting “snooze” and rolling over to go back to sleep, Earth awakens with a beauty rarely matched in any painting or photograph.  And so now we find ourselves awake in the proverbial morning of a day in the life of Earth.  She has been napping the last three months and it is time for her to rise as well.


Let us do as Earth does and spring from our beds at the first chirp in the morning.  No good ever comes from sleeping the day away.  Spring from your bed knowing that it’s comfort is also it’s curse.  A comfort that prevents us from experiencing anything that any given day may have to offer.  Learn to wake up before your alarm clock so that you can turn it off without having to hear its screech.  Do as Earth does and don’t wait until you are told to act.  Be proactive and not reactive.  Carpe Diem.

Spring in Salem

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By Tia Jay

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