Things To Do In Oregon Over Spring Break

Tribal elder Bob Tom blesses the ground during Western Oregon University’s groundbreaking ceremony on Friday.

Though you may be wishing you were going somewhere tropical this spring break, staying in Oregon doesn’t have to be second best, it can be just as good! We are lucky enough to live a place that covers all the bases, you’ve got a nightlife in the cities, the desert, the breezy coast, and lush forests to climb and hike to your hearts’ content.

So let’s kick this off with our first destination!


Multnomah falls:

Multnomah falls is located near Mt. Hood, and is exactly 90 miles from Western, and though the drive is lengthy, if you’ve never been here before it is a great place to go and is absolutely worth it! This is a great place to spend the day hiking, or a few hours before a night on the town in PDX. The hikes range from 2.6 miles to a lengthy 15 miler. The 2.6 ends up at a viewpoint that is great for a picnic or just a quick rest. And this is the perfect time of year to go, no bugs!

Lincoln City:

Though there are many things to do in Lincoln City, including taking a walk down the boardwalk for some famous Tillamook ice cream or salt water taffy– my favorite is glass blowing. You know those floats that are hidden along Oregon beaches?


Well you can learn to blow your own at Jennifer L. Sears Glass Art Studio in Lincoln City! You choose your colors and size, as well as design, and you get to create a custom floaty. This is a great date, as you get something to remember it by.


When was the last time you visited OMSI? The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry is not just for kids. If you haven’t been there since you were ten years old, it is time to go back! Located in Portland, this museum features an IMAX theater,


aswell as light shows, and traveling exhibits of many fascinating things. Right now, they are a featuring a photograph exhibit. Based on Faith D’Aluisio and Peter Menzel’s incredibly popular book, What I Eat: Around the World in 80 Diets, this new photography exhibit invites you to explore what the food we eat says about how people live all across the globe.

By Sara De Noyo

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