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Art is an amazing thing to me. It is all around us and influences almost everything we use everyday. These tables around me, this Starbucks restaurant I’m having my coffee at is all different shades of brown that remind me of a mix of the past and present. When you think about it anything is a form of art. Our bodies can also be made into canvases, with a haircut or makeup.

The life of art session I participated in however, focuses on drawing the human body itself in its raw naked form. When I came in with my drawing supplies in hand, I had no idea that’s what it was. I assumed it was just drawing people… fully clothed. Nevertheless I wanted to participate and see what it was like to really draw someone. I had a big paper and graphite pencil ready for this two hour session. Other artists had different ways of drawing, some used a small sketchbook and pencil or even used paint, pen or charcoal.

The Life Art artists hard at work.
The Life Art artists hard at work.

The could see the model in the back corner of the room getting ready and what seems like preparing mentally for a long time of sitting in the same spot for a long time. The scene where she will be sitting next to is pretty nice. there is a mirror, a couple big lights shining down on it and also a table with an old mannequin head on it.

Once everyone is set to start drawing. The model comes out and takes her place. She does a couple standing poses in different postures for about 5 minutes each and eventually settles into her final pose where she sits facing the mirror. I’m not much of an artist but I think having an hour and half was a pretty good time to really fine tune a drawing. The instructor gives everyone a 5 minute break an hour into the drawing and I go outside to get some water. I have a good conversation with some of the artists who have participated in it for a couple months now. They say how they are art majors and how there is usually a different model every week and how they changed majors from other things to Art.

After the break everyone gets back to drawing and eventually everyone finishes up. While everyone is packing up, I go over to the model and ask her a little about herself and what the thought process is going into sitting in the same position for a long time. She says,

“I’m a pretty big fan of art here on campus,  I took an intro level class last year and loved it… You might see some interesting displays around campus of animals Life Art”

When I asked her about how she heard about Life Art she told me that she was asked by a faculty member to participate. She was part of the dance department at that time and she usually stops by and draws herself. I also asked her what she thinks about while she is up there and how she keeps her pose for a long time without moving and she told me that when she is up there she really ponders deeply. She also stares at the statue that is up there. It reminds her of her son then leads on a long train of thought. She tries to focus on one emotion then sticks to it as long as she can.

Charcoal drawing

It was a great experience seeing everyone’s art. It was fun to be able to draw in a different way. When I first started drawing, It was “wow, I’m drawing a naked person” and eventually it turned into “I’m drawing this person, I hope I get it right”. I definitely want to go back and work on my drawing skills. and this is a great way to do so.

There are no prerequisites, and the instructor is really helpful. If you want to participate as well, bring your drawing supplies every first Tuesday of the month at 7:00 pm to first floor Campbell Hall.IMG_0246

The scene where the model takes her place.
The scene where the model takes her place.


By Kevin Gutierrez

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