Western Oregon, Oregon Tech get green light to have own board of trustees by 2015

Oregon Live
By Betsy Hammond
April 4, 2014

Oregon Tech and Western Oregon University both got the green light from the Oregon Board of Higher Education Friday to start operating under the control of their own independent boards in July 2015.

Oregon’s two regional universities that have shakier finances, Southern Oregon and Eastern Oregon, also sought permission to launch their own boards but were told “maybe” by the higher ed board Friday.

The pair were given 45 days to show they can meet conditions set by the higher ed board and then get the governor’s OK.

Oregon Tech and Western Oregon University have more than a year to prepare for the switch from being overseen by the state higher ed board to their own boards.

If Eastern or Southern also get the OK, their independent boards may begin on July 1, 2015, or a different date that is yet to be determined.

The state’s three largest universities – Oregon State University, Portland State University and University of Oregon – already have institutional boards, which will take full power on July 1of this year.

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