Bucket List and .. Anti-bucket List???

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Hello All I was thinking about some things and since I am about to go on an adventure of a life time in this next year by going to Florida, London, and France. I was thinking about making a bucket list and then even better… a “Anti-bucket list”


Bucket Lists are pretty self explanatory so I will just list my bucket list!

1.Live in London,

2. Get a tattoo in every location I live

3. Go skydiving

4. Snorkeling in Hawaii

5. Zip lining in Costa Rica

6. Visit every contenent

7. Learn to tango in Argentina

8. Meet “The Office” cast

9. Be in a professional play

10. Fall in love

11. Perform a stand up comedy act

12.Perform with a professional improv troupe

13. Vacation in a tree house

14. Tour through African Safari

15. Learn 4 languages


For the Anti-bucket list I will get more specific with details

1. Do Sizzurp with Justin Bieber and his posse
Since I’m not 100% sure I even understand what Sizzurp is I think I should probably just steer clear of it.

2. Break one of my children’s hearts
I know it is inevitable that my kids will have their hearts broken at least once in their lifetime. I just will make for damn sure it isn’t because of me. I’ve had my heart broken by a parent and I will not repeat the cycle. Period.

3. Be broke
Let’s face it, having money is awesome.. So while I don’t want to put too much importance on having a lot of money, I know myself well enough to know I want to have lot/s and lots of it.

4. Have a saggy neck
The other day I found myself googling “home remedies to avoid saggy neck”. No joke. And then I browsed the image library of saggy neck pictures. This one obviously requires a tiny bit of action except I’m trying to make it as easy as possible and find something in my pantry I can just rub on it so there is little commitment.

5. Get a shark bite
This just seems like an incredibly painful thing to have happen.

6. Pee my pants
I’ve done this one. 4th grade at my front door as I ran home from the bus stop (I almost made it.) One times is enough for me. My accidental peeing days are over until I have an adult diaper on and can just go on about my day.

7. Have a wicked hangover
I finally know my limits. And by limits I mean I drink a limited amount of booze all of the time. Or just eat a ridiculous amount of food and drink a lot of water before I pass out…

8. Go to a Nascar race
I just don’t want to.

9. Break a bone or get a cavity
I have never done either of these and I want to keep this streak going forever. I am extremely accident prone so this one is a bit hairy to add to my list but I think I can do it.

10. Get stuck in a dress in a dressing room
If this has ever happened to you then you know how terrifying it is. If you haven’t, well it’s freaking terrifying. There have been a couple of times where I literally felt like Houdini attempting to break out of a straight jacket. It’s awful and will never happen again.

By Amanda Summers

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