SPEAK: Students Promoting Equity, Activism, and Knowledge

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We’ve talked about Abby’s House and the great work they do, creating a resource center that is there to aid you with;

– Sexual Violence
– Relationship Violence
– Sexual Harassment
– Stalking
– Stress and Anxiety
– Depression
– Suicide
– Women’s Health
– Breast Cancer
– Contraception
– STD Testing
– Substance Abuse
– Eating Disorders
– Gender Identity
– and Child Abuse.

At larger universities it takes four or five organizations to cover all these topics: but Abby’s House is determined to be the resource that so many students need.

Looking at the list above, many social issues are discussed. Many of these social issues are ones that the general public has little understanding of or experience with. Thankfully, SPEAK fills this gap.

SPEAK, or Students Promoting Equity, Activism, and Knowledge is a wonderful club whose mission is to promote activism by providing educational programming. Each week they select a new topic to cover, including sexual assault, feminism, STD’s, and a plethora of other subjects. They educate members and students, and foster conversation about these social issues.

“We aim to foPhoto credit to the Abby's House site, https://wou.edu/student/club/abbyshouse/ster equality, tolerance, and understanding by providing a safe environment where all people are free to gather and express their ideas.”

Established in 2011, SPEAK is fairly new to Western Oregon University. Barely into their fourth year here, they are completely unfunded by WOU. All of their support comes directly from Abby’s House: who are clearly just as passionate about these issues as the many students who run SPEAK.

Last year, SPEAK was awarded Club Organization of the Year.

They meet every Monday at 4:00pm in Abby’s House (located downstairs in the Werner University Center) and anyone is welcome to attend. I would highly suggest it. As college students we are the center of opinion, fighting day and night.

Social change often falls on our shoulders, and SPEAK has done an amazing job of giving us a place to understand and grow as social advocates.

If you have more questions about SPEAK or their mission, feel free to email speak@wou.edu.

By Quinn Murphy

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