How To Achieve a Goal

The first step in achieving a goal is to have one. Many people think they will get equal satisfaction from achieving a goal that is easy for them, something they see as easy to achieve, something that is within reach. Here is the truth though– This is not true. Set your sights on something that it far from an arms reach. Shoot for the stars and you’ll reach the moon, right? You will feel more pride and pleasure from setting out to do something you knew would be hard and making itImage, (and accomplishing those little goals on the way there) than you would just aiming for those stepping stones.

Know that happy people are most often those who feel that they are in control of their destinies. Those that can honestly say they believe they got the promotion because of hard work, and that they did not get where they were because of luck. This is not to say that luck cannot work in your favor, but you must know that you have the ability to create your own luck. Your attitude can put you in front of that once in a lifetime opportunity, all you have to do is believe you are in control, and follow the path to your dreams.

It is not rare for someone to ask me how I am such a happy person when I virtually won the anti-lottery of the lifetime. From a young age I have been told I had an expiration date of 23 years old, I’ve got a life threatening lung disease, not to mention the osteoporosis that came with it, the pre-diabetes, and the anxiety issues that come with being told you are going to die at a young age. I’ve seen just about as many friends of mine pass away as I have made in the past year at college. Just a hint, the number is above 20. However, I consider myself one of the most upbeat and inherently happy people I know. This is because I have designed the life I needed to help me achieve my goals.  I have surrounded myself in people who help me flourish, as friends should. I have a boyfriend who is proud of me whether I eat an entire box of Gushers in 5 minutes or if I PR in my bench weight. When I set a goal for myself I treat like a promise, and not just any promise– a pinky promise. My illness is a disadvantage, (when I say illness I mean the main one, the lung disease) in almost every situation. My body was not crafted for weightlifting, or dance, or exploring or traveling. With what I have, you do not sleep well, your muscles do not get oxygen, you get headaches and your ribs fracture  bi-weekly from coughing. The reality of this all though, is that the world is not going to wait for me to feel better. I need to live my life– I need to live a life where people can look back and say that I had, as Thomas Lynch once saidm “lived in ways different from rocks and rhododendrons and that those lives were worth mentioning and remembering.” And how I will do this is by not letting my illness be a handicap, by seeing it as my motivation. And by using it to push myself to reach the stars, instead of just the moon.

By Sarah De Noyo

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