Why go to Western?

Well it’s getting to be that time of year where people are seriously considering going to school for the following year. I have had a few of my high school friends come to me and ask me about Western, so I thought I would write a blog about why people should choose Western!

I originally chose Western because of its proximity to my hometown of Salem. It is very nice to personally be able to drive home in just 20 minutes or even take the city bus into town. So if you live in Salem or Corvallis then it is just an easy commute away.

Another reason I came to Western was for the American Sign Language Interpreting program. I took sign language for two years before coming to Western and then proceeded to begin taking sign language classes for the next two years after that. Along with the amazing sign language program on Western, we are also well known for many other programs such as our education, criminal justice, and our nursing program. All of these programs are well known and respected around the area and definitely give anyone a well developed education.

One of the biggest reasons I love Western is the class size. I have had classes ranging from eight students to the most being 45 students. Although I have known other students who have taken a class with over 100 students. Of course that is nothing compared to OSU, where their class size about 300 students or more. I personally love having small class sizes because the teachers always get to know me and learn my name and actually seem to care about me succeeding in the class. I am currently taking two classes that has approximately ten students. I enjoy the individual attention from the teacher and it is a very nice change from the large classes.

The biggest reason I enjoy Western is the actual size of the campus. It only takes about 10 minutes to get from one end of campus to the other end. It takes an hour to get a tour of the whole campus and if you wake up late for classes then you can get to class by power walking and it will only take five minutes.

This campus is a caring, diverse, understanding, and simplistic place and definitely has a place for everyone to call home. So if you are thinking about coming to Western you should definitely come get a tour of the beautiful campus and the lively population.

By Amanda Summers

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