Benefit for WOU Food Bank: The Pantry Dropper Dance

At the beginning of the year, Oregon State University’s study conducted at Western Oregon University showed that 59% of students surveyed faced “food insecurity” at some point in 2013. If you haven’t already read the first blog I wrote about it, you can check it out here. Although the gravity of that percentage has us shocked, the silver lining in this story has been what our community has been doing to change the statistics.

The annual Governor’s Food Drive in February was another success for communities across the entire state. State employees raised $778,761.80 for the 2014 Governor’s Food Drive. The total calculates to about 3.2 million pounds of food! Many other organizations have been holding different fundraisers and activities to help gather food and money for those in need. The ability to help others doesn’t only present itself in one form! There are so many different, fun, engaging ways to help others in your community.

In 2012, WOU started it’s very own food bank on campus to help reduce the campus-wide issue of food insecurity.


This coming Friday, on May 9th, our ASWOU team will be throwing a huge dance party to benefit the food pantry. Helping others has never been so fun! The “Pantry Dropper Dance”, located at the Pacific Room, will be featuring live beats by DanKK. Doors open at 10pm.

Admission will be just $1 or 1 can of non-perishable food. Just $1 in monetary donations buys four pounds of food!

Food Bank


And if you can’t make it to the biggest dance party of the year, there are always other ways to make a difference! Stopping hunger is a year-round task!

Here’s the list again of some different ways to help those in need:

If you have any questions, or are looking to get more information on how to help or get help, here’s a few contacts to start with:

Located on the second floor (Feels like the first floor) near the SEP Office, and Honors Department.

Having trouble finding it? Call ASWOU: 503-838-8553


Together we can make a real difference!


By Tia Jay

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