Begin Your Summer Job Search

If you haven’t already found a job for the summer, it’s getting past time to do so. Never fear, though, you still have time for a last minute job search.

Where to look for a job:

– If you’re sticking around the Monmouth area over the summer, be sure to look on WolfLink for job opportunities.

– Idealist, Indeed, and other job sites like Monster or Career Builder can be great resources, but don’t rule out social media or craigslist. If you work as a nanny or care provider, consider creating a profile on

– Don’t be afraid to network! If you know someone who knows someone, use that resource as well. Networking is a useful tool, that WOU often holds fairs to help you out with. Take these opportunities. Don’t know how to network? No problem, check out Tia’s post for some tips here.

Before you even consider submitting a resume or job application:

– Make sure you have a professional sounding email address: isn’t likely to get you any interviews. WOU has already helped you out with this. If you don’t have another one, your school email is a good choice! Just don’t forget to check it.

– Triple check your resume for misspelling and grammatical mistakes. Then, check it again. Many businesses won’t even consider your resume if they find mistakes in it. Have a friend check over it, as well, for extra security.

– Speaking of: a cover letter may be the difference between an interview and a lost opportunity. A cover letter should outline and describe your experience and why you are the best choice for this position. Remember to ask for an interview (at their convenience) at the end.

– Before you submit anything, have your references ready. You may get an immediate response, so be sure to ask your references (professional or personal) if it is okay for you to give their information to a potential future employer prior to submitting anything.

– If you have the opportunity to, bring your resume to them in person. Putting a face to the name gives you a better chance of getting that interview!

After you’ve submitted a resume and cover letter, if you haven’t heard back within a week or so, send a letter or email explaining your interest and checking up to be sure they’ve received your information. This shows them that you are truly invested in working with them.

Did you get an interview?

1. Be sure to bring an extra copy of your resume to the meeting, arrive promptly and be polite to everyone you work with.

2. You’ll get bonus points if you know about the company, so do your research before you go in.

3. Dress for success. Not sure what this means? Check out Kevin’s post here. Remember there are tons of choices; flats, heels, blouses, dresses, pants, suits, ties, etc. Choose something you will be comfortable in.

4. Make eye contact and shake hands. When it’s over and you’ve gone home be sure to send them an email thanking them for the opportunity.

Hopefully this is helpful for your summer searches, and if you’re looking for resources to find ways to better your resume or write an effective cover letter, go here: Resumes. Cover Letters.


By Quinn Murphy

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