Public Safety is an Asset!

I have been thinking a lot about this school and everything it has to offer its students. Especially those that live on campus. I’ve noticed that there is one resource that is maybe not being as utilized as it should be. That is Public Safety. Public Safety is most well known for being the sticklers and enforcing housing policies of no drinking or smoking on campus. Now to some students this might make them the “party poopers” but I like to look at them from a different point of view. Public safety is a huge asset to Western Oregon University. Not only do they protect the students from outside intruders but they also protect the students from making bad decisions.

But even with that amazing enough responsibility they also offer many other services. Just this past year I have had Public Safety come out and jump start my dead battery . Also just this week when I had a flat tire I called them to come help me. If I had had a spare tire they would have helped me change it but instead they filled my tire with enough air to get me over to Les Schwab.

Being a person that has no idea what to do when my car doesn’t work, it helps so much having someone I know I can call to help me out. This year I have also taken a self defense class that was instructed by Public Safety. They offer classes for both genders, and that class is actually one of the most enlightening and invigorating classes I had ever taken. I came out of the class feeling a little bit more confident in myself that I can use self defense effectively.

I think one of the most important things about Public Safety is their accessibility to the student body at any hour of the night for any reason at all. You should never be afraid to call them if you ever feel uncomfortable or unsafe for any reason. It is always better to be safe rather than sorry. I am sure Public Safety would agree with that completely. So just as a friendly reminder, please use Public Safety. They are here to help you and make your life safer and easier!

By Amanda Summers

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