The Art of Modern Dating

Modern dating is much like modern art. Confusing? Pointless? Progressive? Abstract? There are many ways to look at it. However, modern dating isn’t really conducive to finding someone who makes you happy.

When you ask someone in their first few years of college what they want in a relationship, they may list of dozens of qualities, including: washboard abs, hot, “takes me out on dates”, smart, well-dressed, et cetera. These qualities may be bonuses, but the real jackpot is someone who helps you be the best version of you. You want someone who is going to give you the last slice of their favorite pie without thinking twice.Image Someone who encourages you to not stay out late with them just so you can get some extra studying done.

As many of you well know, two (obnoxious) Facebook pages have risen from the depths of this school to allow people to confess their deepest thoughts and reveal their secret crushes, and while this may seem like a good thing for campus match-ups, it may only benefit campus hookups. This may be news to all you wolves, but you are not going to find someone worth your while by responding to an anonymous plea on the WOU Dating Facebook page saying “wanna make out?” I hate to be the one to break it to you. Besides all of the desperate shoutouts for hookups and friends with benefits, there are many anonymous postings on both WOU Dating and WOU Confessions that tell a different story. One of loneliness, about falling in love and how these people don’t think it’ll ever happen for them. These are all very sad things, nobody deserves to feel unloved, hopeless, alone, or like a wash-up when it comes to expressing your feelings and putting yourself out there. The first step to being “out there” and staying out there though, is for you to start doing you learning and loving offline– in the real world. Stop googling “How to talk to girls,” and start talking to them. If you think a girl is pretty– tell her! We don’t hear that enough in a world full of shy guys. And same for you ladies, tell that guy in your psychics class how much chemistry you two could have together.  The only thing you need is to be ready to open yourself up.

I know that putting yourself out there can be hard, but you would be amazed at how much you will learn about yourself just by letting someone else love you. So get off Facebook, and go approach someone, if nothing else, it’ll make their day.

By Sarah De Noyo

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