What it is like to Blog for a WOU

Barbara Dearing

I have been blogging for Western for two years now and it has definitely been one of the most fun jobs I have ever had. I was a part of the Student Social Media Team when it had its first trial year last year and again for its second run this year.

This job is a nice one if you love having freedom to choose what you write about, what you take pictures of, how many hours a week you spend working and at what time you spend those hours. It gives you the freedom to create your own schedule. Plus you get your picture on the main WOU web page for all to see, so you might just get a little more popular!

One of my favorite things about this job is the freedom to do what you want and how involved you can get with Western as a whole. You get to go to events, games, dance, concerts and plays all for free cause you are taking pictures or reporting on how the event is ran. I have also really enjoyed being able to write about personal issues or topics that I love. I know many times this year I have wrote about traveling because that has all I have been able to talk about this entire year.

This job is wonderful, it gives you the freedom you need for college, (and the money,) and the experience you need to get a real career.


I highly recommend this job to anyone who is interested in writing, knowing what is happening on campus, and being involved in a fun and different way.


By Amanda Summers

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