Wind-Down Wednesday

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photo 1
Servers of WDW, and some of the beverages.

We all have our own ways of winding down after big tests, all-nighters, long classes/meetings. Maybe you need some sleep, a trip to the Health and Wellness Center, or maybe a nice cold alcoholic beverage. If you chose the last one to wind down, then the perfect place for you to go to is Wind-Down Wednesdays event, sponsored by Catering department. They have done this event a few years ago and decided to bring it back this year. They did it two weeks ago and are going to bring it back this Wednesday the 28th in the Willamette Room.

Some of the types of beverages they offer is light and dark beer, Chardonnay, red wine, coffee and water. The water and coffee are probably going to be more popular with the under 21 guests. Aside from the drinks there are also snacks. There is another table, with cheese and crackers, fruits, nuts and vegetables.

The Hors D'oeuvres to go along with drinks
The Hors D’oeuvres to go along with drinks

When I went two weeks ago it was really relaxing. Some classical music was playing it was really mellow, not too many people there, but I don’t really think too many people heard about it (I stumbled upon it walking past it). I was talking to my friend Travis a little bit and then took off. Before I left I talked to the servers and asked them more about it. They said that this week they planned on having live music and more drinks.

There was no sign saying you had to be 21 to get water, coffee or snacks so I assume everyone is welcome to come. When I left there were students and faculty hanging out and having a good time. So if you are free from 5-6pm Wednesday, May 28 go to Willamette Room in the WUC and kick back and relax.

photo 2
Some of the guests for the night (including my boss in the orange)


By Kevin Gutierrez

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