Sara’s Summer Sand-Pail List


It’s been a fun year here at Western, but I am more than excited to experience another summer. I am shaking in anticipation for all the things summer will bring. I have all sorts of little goals, like to employ my mantra of “letting go” more often, and to smile more in the morning, drink more tea and spend more time outside. Those are tiny things though. On my summer bucket list, or summer sand pail list, are the real accomplishments– the ones that have me both shaking in my boots and sleepless from excitement. ImageOver my teenage years, as my lung disease got progressively worse, there were many things I gave up. Sometimes I gave up the things I loved to preserve my health, and other times I gave up the things I loved because I didn’t love them anymore. It’s hard to love something when you body just can’t do them. I love to hike, and swim, and climb, and run. I love to dance, I love to live– but cystic fibrosis has a habit of taking those things away.


Recovery- if there is such a thing– has been a long climb up a steep mountain. I have learned that in order to be happy with myself, I have to design my life to help me flourish. I do not have good lungs, so I will work harder to make themImage do their job. I will fight both sides of the same battle, exercising and doing all of my therapy even when my ribs hurt from coughing. With that said– this summer is going to be an extension of that philosophy. I will be taking on challenges that will better my life, that will help me take back all the things cystic fibrosis took from me. I know this is silly, but I am going to call this journey Sara versus Lungs, and I am going to win every time.



Summer Sand-Pail List: Sara v. Lungs Edition

  • Silver Falls 6 mile hike
  • Swim the length of Staats Lake
  • Hike to climb at Smith Rocks
  • Choreograph a 3+ minute long ballet dance (and perfect it)
  • Climb a 5.10
  • Run 3 miles without gripping my chest and trying to rip my lungs out
  • Run 3 miles without stopping for breath
  • Try MMA
  • Be able to do 10 pullups (instead of just one)
  • Be able to box jump 5 feet
  • Make it through an entire concert in the pit without suffocating
  • Make it through a whole day without a nap


By Sarah De Noyo

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