The Quinntessential Bucket List

I’ve always wanted to use that pun.

My first year at university has been filled with ups and downs: but most ups. I’ve met really wonderful people, learned a lot, and made progress with my degree. This has all been amazing, but I’m definitely ready for summer. After my last final (which is Friday, ugh) I’ll check out of the dorms and head back home. I’m ecstatic to see my friends again, since this is the first time I’ve spent this much time away from them, and I’m really happy to be home with my family. I was lucky enough to land a job working writing blogs on Deaf culture and ASL for a company up in Seattle, and was recently offered the opportunity to sit in and learn how to teach ASL to toddlers and school-aged children: I really hit the jack pot. On top of this, about a month from now I get to hop on a plane and fly to Singapore. Yes, this trip is to see a boy who I happen to be dating but I’m pretty happy about the whole “international travel” thing as well. I’ll fly back, see a friend who is coming up from California, and then start to prepare for my senior year here at WOU: time flies.

Below you will find my (extensive) bucket list for the summer:

At home (Redmond, WA):

◻ Slumber party with friends
◻ Bonfire
◻ Multiple trips to Pikes Place/The Gum Wall/Gas Works in Seattle
◻ Go camping
◻ Take a road trip with my friends
◻ Visit the kangaroo farm (you can actually pet real kangaroos)
◻ Learn how to cook meat (I’m a vegetarian)
◻ Trick my dad into giving me his cookie recipe
◻ Copy family recipes into my own book
◻ Go to a wedding-I love weddings
◻ Go to an outdoor movie
◻ Make-and save-money
◻ Convince my parents that they really do want a puppy
◻ Deep clean my room/house
◻ Cook dinner with my friends
◻ Continue our summer tie-dye tradition
◻ Read “Great Gatsby”
◻ Read “Redefining Realness”

In Singapore:

◻ Go on the ferris wheel
◻ Step in the ocean (I have a fear of sharks and therefore water)
◻ Avoid sunburns
◻ Go to a lot of zoos
◻ Go to a lot of museums
◻ Don’t make a fool of myself in front of Gavin’s family
◻ Wake up by 10 at the latest (don’t waste my days asleep)
◻ Have dinner on the cable car
◻ Visit the gardens
◻ Have a picnic
◻ Figure out what historical landmarks there are in Singapore and go to those

Obviously, I have a few things I need to figure out as far as summer goes, but I’m trying to go with the flow here. I don’t know what could happen, so I’m staying open to possibilities. All I know is that this is looking like it may turn out to be the best summer yet.

Thank you WOU for a great first year. I’m ready to go home now but I’ll be back soon.


By Quinn Murphy

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