Tia’s Summer Bucket List

WOO!! We made it!!

Just like everyone else, I am so pumped for this Summer. Warm air, no homework, and days that last longer than ever…how can you not get excited?!

Being from Hawaii- where the temperature is Summer all year long- I’m looking forward to doing things that I couldn’t do back home. Here’s some things on my to-do list…

Oregon Coast

Oregon Summer Bucket List

  • go on a road trip – maybe to Crater Lake or the Redwoods
  • go on new hikes
  • swim in a lake
  • have the time of my life on a wine tasting trip (already planned!)
  • wear a big floppy hat
  • spend a weekend on the coast

Luckily, I get the best of both homes, since I’ll be going back to Hawaii for a couple weeks to see my family and friends! While there, I’ll be attending my best friend’s wedding as her maid of honor!


Hawaii Summer Trip Bucket List

  • have a girls night out!
  • spend most of the trip in just a bikini
  • eat at all my favorite spots! Sushi, poke bowls, chicken katsu, Pho, spam musubis….heck yes!
  • go on my favorite hikes
  • bring a suitcase back with all the local snacks
  • come back with a tan that’ll last all year

And my summer doesn’t stop there! I’ll be headed 5000 miles the other direction to see my boyfriend’s family on the East Coast! Boston and Cape Cod, here I come!

Cape Cod Summer Trip Bucket List

  • eat a lobstah roll!
  • swim in the Atlantic
  • lobster, crab, oysters, need I say more?


Most importantly, I intend to use this time to RELAX and reboot for next year- my last year! I have worked very hard all year long and I absolutely deserve to play hard! Enjoy your Summer, everyone, and come back ready to kick next years butt!

Tia in Hawaii

By Tia Jay

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