Skyler Edmison – a hardworking and determined student

Skyler is a hard-working and determined Western Oregon student. Currently a senior, majoring in Earth Science with a minor in Geography, Skyler is spending his last days at WOU preparing for Commencement. Here are a few highlights from his time at Western.


Skyler comes from Forest Grove, Oregon. He originally came to Western to play football, but later changed his plans. His interest in Earth Science stemmed from the excellent ES professors and his fascination with rocks since he was a young boy.

Work and awards

For the last four years Skylar has worked as a student building manager at the Warner University Center. His work at the WUC was so amazing, that Skylar was awarded the Outstanding Student Employee of the Werner University Center award for the year 2013.

People who have made an impact

Skyler has a wonderful list of WOU faculty and staff who have influenced him in positive ways. He says, “Dr. Steve Taylor has impacted me with a drive to finish and become a successful student. Dr. Templton, for teaching me about scholarly work ethic and being able to achieve goals while [handling] stresses in life such as work, friendships [and] school. Also Chelsee Blatner, Assistant Director for Operations WUC/SLA. She has given me the confidence to become a successful student and a respected leader, as well as given me strength to achieve personal goals through absolute benevolence and an open ear for all my troubles.”

Looking back

Skyler has a lot of amazing memories from his time at WOU. To name a few, his Earth Science overnight field trips were always Imagememorable as well as his freshman and sophomore year shenanigans. He also recalls the year he lived in the Mistletoe house. Five bedrooms on one acre of land, with only three people living there. Skyler says there were, “some great memories and get-togethers out there!”

Plans after college

After graduation, Skyler’s goals are to find a job in his field and start a family with someone special. “Other than that, I’m following [with] the wind,” Skylar adds.

Words to follow

When asked about life lessons learned in college, Skyler responded with these powerful words, “Money is only a piece of paper, it does not have the power to create feelings and also shouldn’t be a deciding factor for anything you choose to do in life. If you really want it, you can make it happen.”

By Katrina Penaflor

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