Down to 1 out of 100…

100 days ago I started the 100 Days of Happy challenge- a personal challenge to have at least one moment of happiness for 100 days in a row. Today is the last day of the term, and the final day of my challenge.

So what has the last 100 days been like? Well, for the most part, just the same as all the other days in my life- filled with ups and downs, sunny days and rainy days, excitement and sadness, days I’ll remember for the rest of my life, and days with no lasting memories. No matter what the situation, life continues and time moves forward.

But this challenge has taught me something important: not a single person in this world is immune from the sad times. Tough situations are a part of life. The key to it all is making the effort to remain happy even in those hard times. Remembering that no matter how bad things may seem, life continues and time moves forward- bringing more moments to be happy.

When happiness is around you, it’s easy to be happy. A nice day in the park, a night out with friends, sitting down to a nice meal with your family- well, it doesn’t take effort to be filled with happiness. But what about the inevitable days when you have a million obligations, more homework than hours left in a day, you’re fighting with your boyfriend, your car breaks down and everything just seems to be falling apart? Can you still be happy then?

This challenge has forced me to reflect during these times, when happiness didn’t automatically come, and to remember that I still have so much to be grateful for and so many people to smile about. It’s a thought process I will never forget.

I also learned that we have to remember to take time for ourselves every day to relax. Sometimes it’s easy to get bogged down by school or work that we forget to have time to enjoy life. Whenever I found myself starting to get stressed out, I’d take at least an hour break to do whatever I really wanted- like watching my favorite show while eating chocolate… 🙂 When I head back to work, I find my mind to be clearer and happier.

These past 100 days since I started this challenge has shown me how we can find happiness anywhere in every situation. Actually, I’m the most happy about the fact that I had 100 opportunities to feel happiness. Every day is a blessing, and no one should ever waste a single one not feeling happy.


With just one year left at WOU, I’m so excited for what future days of happiness lies ahead. I’ve had so many new memories I will never forget, including the wonderful opportunity to write for the student blogging team. This will be my last blog! I hope that anyone who finds their way to these blogs finds themselves benefited from them. I know I’ve enjoyed every word. Thank you Lisa and my fellow bloggers for all the fun!





By Tia Jay

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