High school to college transition

Imagine standing on a staircase and lifting your foot up, but instead of placing it one step higher, you try and place it five. That can be what with it feels like going from high school to college. One giant step. Fortunately it does not need to be that difficult. With a little preparation and heads up the transition from high school to college can go quite smoothly.

Be prepared for a new work load. The amount of work in college is definitely amped up from that in high school, especially depending on the course level. Finding ways to get it all done is primarily based on time management. Set a schedule up for yourself. Find the best times to study and maybe go to the library to work on homework. Becoming adjusted to the amount of homework in college will help it to feel less daunting. Also if the amount of work is causing a struggle, there is free tutoring available at the advising center. There is someone there to help with all classes at WOU. There is even an incredible Writing Center where students can get help on any stage of writing a paper. The library also has drop in math tutoring as well. Talk to a professor as well, check in on their office hours for extra assistance.

Another thing to keep in mind that unlike high school, where class begins at that the same time each day, course times can be sporadic. This, in my opinion, is a great thing. Longer breaks between classes can be a refreshing reprieve from a person’s work load. Get some lunch, grab a coffee, and relax a bit before your next class begins.

You are now in charge of everything. Sounds a bit scary at first but it is true. Moving away from home, being in college—it is now solely on yourself as to whether or not you go to class and wheatear or not you study. This can be a big step for some people, but it gets easier. Keep yourself determined and motivated when it comes to school. Think of the outcome all your hard work will lead to.

After getting all this work done during the week it is time to de-stress! Weekend Wolf Pack sponsors amazing events for students on weekends. Check out a list of activities on the WOU website. There is everything from movie nights to BINGO. Also check out the list of student activities on the events calendar on the WOU website.

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