Myths and facts about feminism



On Tuesday, March 3, Kappa Delta Chi and Abby’s House hosted a #FEMINISM workshop as part of the Multicultural Student Union’s “Women of Culture Celebration.” The workshop focused on educating our campus on the misconceptions and history of feminism.


What is feminism?

There are multiple definitions for the theory. But the most common theory is equality and justice for all women that seeks to eliminate systems of inequality and injustice in all aspects of women’s lives. The future must guarantee human dignity and equality for all people, women and men.  Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie has a speech titled “ We should all be feminists” where she states that feminism is the “a person who believes in the social, political and economic equality of the sexes.”


Myth: Feminists are lesbians and hate men.

Truth: Being a feminist has nothing to do with sexual orientation or discrimination of the male gender.


Myth: Only women are feminists.

Fact: Any person who believes in gender equality is a feminist, not just females.


Myth: There is no need for feminism; women are equal to men now.

Truth: Women are behind in various ways; women are paid less on average than men, many jobs are not friendly towards women with children, and women continue to be responsible for the majority of household work;   Men average 7 hours a week and women average 14 hours of household chores.


Feminists come from all different backgrounds and cultures to support equality and equity in general.

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