WOU Graduate Programs

Students who are graduating soon and considering graduate school, may not need to look any further than right where they are at. Western Oregon University offers a wide variety of graduate programs than may be of interest to students. If individuals are passionate about liberal arts and sciences, they should know that Western offers the following programs: Master of Music in Contemporary Music, Master of Arts in Criminal Justice, and Master of Science in Management and Information Systems. Student who are interested in improving their musical talents and becoming more knowledgeable in the music profession may want to consider the contemporary music program. The criminal justice degree is online and for individuals who are already working in the field. The Management and Information Systems Program may be a great fit for business majors who are interested in working in the profession of IT centers, computer services, banking and insurance industries, health services, or business firms.

WOU also offers college of education degree programs, including a master of science in the following fields: education, information technology, special education, and rehabilitation and mental health counseling. The Master of Science in Education is for students who have a background in education and plan to earn their teaching license. The information technology degree would be a useful for those who plan to be teachers, informal educators, or trainers and are interested in utilizing technology in their educational materials. For students who wish to work with individuals with special needs, the special education program may be a good fit. Students that complete this degree are qualified for initial teacher licensure. Another option for students who want to help individuals with special needs is the rehabilitation and mental health counseling program. This degree will prepare students to be of service to those with physical, mental, and emotional disabilities.

Other college of education degree programs include a Master of Arts in Teaching and Masters of Art in Interpreting Studies. The teaching program is for individuals who have a bachelor’s degree in any field and are interested in teaching either middle school or high school. This degree provides students with their initial teaching license, and depending on the program, individuals can teach in one to one and half years. Students interested in ASL, may want to look into the interpreting program. This degree can lead to a career of research, mentoring, and/or college teaching.

If students want more information about the discussed programs or are interested in checking out other degree options offered at WOU, click the link down below.


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