Presidential Candidates for Western Oregon University

WOU is seeking a new president after Mark Weiss retires on June 30, 2015.

Only the best four candidates as finalists were brought to the WOU campus to speak in front of many from the Western Oregon and Monmouth community, including faculty, students and alumni. Finalists spoke in Rice Auditorium and the Warner University Center.

The four finalists were:

Dr. Fernando Delgado, Dr. Christopher Ames, Dr. Rex Fuller and Dr. Margaret E. Madden

Although I did not attend all four finalists speak, I can tell you that the two that I listened to, Dr. Fernando Delgado and Dr. Margaret E. Madden, were exemplary. All finalists have so much experience they could bring and apply to the WOU campus.

I think it was important for me and other students to attend because I want to know what the future of WOU holds and who will guide us through it. The new president will attend various school events so it’s important for them to have a good relationship with students.

After Speaking for 20-30 minutes about the topic “what is the role of a mid-sized, public comprehensive university in a changing world?”, there was time for the audience to open up and ask the candidates questions they would like to be answered. Some examples of questions posed by audience members were: For the transgender community, will the candidate build more gender neutral bathrooms? And, what will the presidential candidate do to help bring out awareness and support of our D2 school sports? These questions were asked by both a student and a faculty member, Dr. Emily Plec of the communication studies department.

To my surprise, many alumni members attended and asked many of the questions. It really shows how much they care about the WOU campus and it is nice to know that they want the best for the students.

Students also have a role they can play in the choosing of the presidency. Students received an email asking to give their opinion of the candidates by taking an evaluation survey.

Open Forum and more information about the final candidates can be found on WOU’s website. 

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