Discoveries in Hamersly Library

A review of the novel “The Housekeeper and the Professor”

My latest find the in recreational reading section of the library is Yoko Ogawa’s “The Housekeeper and the Professor.” I was originally drawn to book by the cover, for the sole reason that it had cherry blossoms on it that matched the background on my phone (I know a completely ridiculous reason).

The story is told in first person and centers around a housekeeper who goes to work for a former math professor, whose memory only lasts for eighty minutes.

There was a great deal of math woven throughout the story, because the Professor spends his days solving and conducting equations. Honestly, I found it to be a bit confusing, but once I was able to make the connections between the equations and the stories I began to understand why they fit. My favorite character was Root, the Housekeeper’s son. He was charming and naive and the Professor always acted his happiest when he was around the child. He seemed to be the glue that held the “family” together. The patience and love that came from the housekeeper gave towards the professor was endearing and showed that sometimes to oddest pairings connect, and friendships can be found in the most interesting of circumstances. Beautiful details and setting with an interesting plot line that kept me reading on. Overall consensus, three out of four stars.

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