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In my four years here at Western Oregon University I have lived in the Landers residence-halls and the Arbor Park apartments, both places gave me amazing and memorable experiences that I’m going to look back fondly on for the rest of my life. However, I did have my own share of strange experiences when living in the dorms that I can’t ever completely explain, and apparently I’m not alone! Landers was always described as one of the creepiest Residence-halls because according to the urban legend of campus it had been modeled after a prison. Even though Landers did look somewhat like a prison;  those old buildings always felt like home to me.

In the one year I lived there, my hall mates and I experienced a handful of strange activity. Small cold drafts were very common even when all the windows were closed, and the old structure of the building always made weird noises in the night. In my room the door handle had a very large dent in the side which resembled finger marks. Maybe this dent is what made the door open at strange times but every so often when I was in the room doing homework the door would slide open.  Despite the haunted feel there was never a time my hall-mates and I were scared; whatever energy was left there seemed friendly and happy.

Others here at Western Oregon University have had what they believe to be other worldly experiences, but theirs seemed to be far creepier. My friend Matt (a fellow senior) told me about his haunted experience in the Ackerman hall. He said that he was the first group of kids to ever live in Ackerman after it was built and while he was staying there during part of spring break of his freshman year he heard a lot of strange noises on his floor and the floor above him. He told me that every night he would hear deep creaking from all around him that always sent goose bumps down his back. The scariest night he had happened Wednesday in the middle of his spring break. He was completely alone in his hall because all of his hall mates had left for the break, as he was lying in bed he heard the sound of light small steps walking down his hall way. He poked his head out the door wondering who was back from break but no one was there! This same experienced happened once more before the end of spring break when everyone came back from break.

Are ghosts real? I can’t say, but if you have any strange ghostly experiences that you would like to share please tell me about them in the comments! I’m always excited for a good ghost story!

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  1. I’m currently living in Arbor Park in the Spruce building and I’m 100% sure that my apartment is haunted. Now that the term is coming to the end I’ve felt the energy in our apartment becoming more frantic, and I don’t just mean the students. My roommates and I have had experiences with objects moving in ways that cannot be explained (shampoo bottles being knocked over and phones flying off chairs), things disappearing, seeing dark shadows out of the corner of our eyes, and last night I had something hit the underside of my mattress hard enough to move my body.

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